The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala Radio Show Celebrates First Anniversary

Phoenix, AZ, June 17, 2015 --( The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio show announced today its first anniversary on Star Worldwide Networks.

In its first year, The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio show has been very successful in establishing a culture of quality and accountability. “From our humble roots when we started the show through today, our focus has not changed—to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the community. We are unwavering in our commitment to help build trust and cooperation between them— and I am grateful that we have this unique opportunity to make a difference today,” said Founder and President Dee Suomala. “I get to interview some amazing people who touch the lives of those in need everyday.” The show provides a sense of hope and safety, sometimes peppered with humor—it’s more than just featuring a nonprofit, it’s about the people with incredible passion behind their missions. “When you listen, you will hear my passion behind my mission as well. I was able to rise up beyond my ‘disability’ and I know others can too.”

Suomala discovered she had epilepsy shortly after experiencing a serious fall on March 11, 2014. “My short term memory is pretty much gone,” confided Suomala. “My condition is being treated through regulated medications, and I am finally sleeping well at night. I can’t look back, but without hesitation I know there is a bright future ahead of me! People may not realize that hitting your head can be dangerous whether or not you lose consciousness. You should take any bump to the head seriously, because even a seemingly minor bump can be life-threatening.”

The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio show has experienced monumental growth over the past year. Along with other distinguished guests, the show has brought a panel of experts in the nonprofit sector, including the Better Business Bureau, Greater Phoenix SCORE and several CEOs of prominent charities and nonprofits. “With our weekly radio show, we are helping the public understand what’s really going on behind the scenes in charities and nonprofits,” said Suomala.

The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala airs Mondays at 1 p.m. MST on Dave Pratt’s Star Worldwide Networks.

About The Nonprofit Journal
The Nonprofit Journal is the leading authority on bridging the gap in communication between the nonprofit sector and the community. The radio show helps bring peace of mind and knowledge that will inspire those who want to give their time, talent or financial support to charities and nonprofits.

Host Dee Suomala has been working with nonprofits for over 25 years. From forming a nonprofit to helping others follow their passion of giving back to the community, she understands all aspects of nonprofits—including fundraising, grant- writing and general management. Suomala’s efforts have led to her being featured in the national syndicate televised show NASCAR Angels with Rusty Wallace and Shannon Wiseman.

The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio show can be heard every Monday at 1:00 p.m. MST on Star Worldwide 
 Networks. To listen to the show, visit; or visit the show’s website at
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