Website for the LGBT Student Community Announces Major Updates

User feedback being put into practice.

Dallas, TX, December 01, 2007 --( proudly announces the addition of some major new functions on their website. In addition to voting on the LGBT-friendliness of their college or university, users can now submit whom they identify as by using two pull-down lists for gender and sexual orientation. They can now also add a comment after each vote, and those comments can then be seen on a separate page for that school, broken down by question. “These are some major functions that we’ve been wanting to add since the beginning,” said Brent Robinson,’s Executive Director. “With the help of our advisory board, and the wonderful feedback that we’ve received from our users, we’ve now got a system in place so that students can not only vote, but also elaborate on why they voted a certain way on a certain question, in their own words. Students can also choose to identify themselves according to gender and sexual orientation, which gives their comments and votes more substance when a high school student comes to the site and is looking for the point of view of say, a MTF transgender student on that campus.”

The site lists the top 500 most LGBT-friendly American colleges as rated on a ten-star scale by college students and alumni, according to their overall experiences with campus issues, i.e. life in the dorms, campus LGBT events, contact with campus LGBT groups, etc.

“We created this website so that members of the LGBT college student community could use their own voices when rating the LGBT-friendliness of their college, and so that prospective students could then see those votes and opinions from real college students, and use them in their decision making process when choosing a college,” said Robinson. “Now that these new functions have been added, we are getting rave reviews from students who have been eager to fully express themselves on the LGBT issues they are facing on their college campuses.”

Brent Robinson