New Online Store Now Open

Job Lot Bundle opens online and promises to give shoppers more of what they want.

Polegate, United Kingdom, June 19, 2015 --( Job Lot Bundle is a new independent online store run by Husband and Wife team John & Deborah Bassett. collates bundles of popular and niche items which are thematically connected. They sell predominantly a mix of media items such as video games, DVDs, CDs alongside toys, clothes, shoes and other miscellaneous items. They blend both used and new items in collections to create unique purchasing opportunities to online consumers, who are hungry to get more of what they want.

Both John & Deborah have over 10 years of experience selling online with over 30,000 transactions selling on popular auction sites. John Bassett states, "From our experience of selling online we have noticed a surge of interest from buyers for items that were bundled together, especially if they were particular products chosen to complement each other. So we decided to open an online store that would do just that, and only that, a store that would offer creatively curated bundles of items that were then therefore unique and unavailable in that form anywhere else."

Job Lot Bundle opened on the 18th June and can be found at
Job Lot Bundle
John Bassett