AgSmarts Mobile App Brings IoT and Cloud Computing to Fields

AgSmarts brings the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the agricultural sector and puts the information directly in the hands of farmers via a new mobile app and web portal.

Memphis, TN, June 23, 2015 --( The AgSmarts free mobile app is used to monitor data from AgSmarts environmental sensing stations. The mobile app is a critical piece of a larger platform, and represents the increasing presence of Ag Tech and increased mobility in agricultural applications.

The app provides complex information in a simple format. Large amounts of valuable data are integrated into an accessible cloud-based platform. Information can be collected via Bluetooth directly to a smartphone. Also, data is pushed to the cloud to be stored and viewed on a web-based portal.

The AgSmarts FNS app is for savvy farmers and crop consultants who want to monitor field data with a cost-effective, intuitive platform in a familiar modern format.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Clayton Plymill, has developed the mobile app software to accompany the AgSmarts suite of tools.

CTO Plymill and Director of Engineering, George Young, lead the AgSmarts engineering department. Together, they have built a platform integrating a smart sensing network of flexible hardware and intelligent software. Sensors provide valuable data, stations monitor and report information, and smart algorithms make predictive recommendations based on field data.

The sensing stations come in two versions, the Field Node Sensor (FNS) & FNS Lite. The FNS is a highly configurable station that can be standalone or networked. The FNS lite is a compact version. Both units use intelligent algorithms to monitor and process data from the fields, integrate hyper-local weather data and trends, and make crop-specific recommendations to help farmers adjust inputs.

Examples of data include ambient and soil temperature, soil moisture levels, hyper-local weather data, and historical weather trends. This information can be used to apply the right amount of inputs, at the right time, in the right amounts.

This prescription application can help optimize results. The end result is boosted crop yields, reduced water and energy use, and money save, around $63 per acre.

The AgSmarts FNS app is available for iPhone in the App Store and for Android in Google Play Store.

About AgSmarts

Based in Memphis, TN, AgSmarts is a Precision Ag technology company that offers remote wireless sensing, predictive irrigation and crop management analytics, and equipment automation that collectively represent a revolution in data-driven agriculture. AgSmarts’ platform combines hardware and software solutions into a versatile, powerful and cost effective suite of tools that producers, researchers and agronomic consultants can use today in the struggle to conserve natural resources, control operational costs and maximize crop yields.
Susan Dalton