ECO Fuel Systems, LLC - New York Bus Companies Agree to Test the ECOFuelMaximizer

New York City is the largest school transportation department in the country. Several large private companies have agreed to test a pollution reducing product.

Orlando, FL, June 20, 2015 --( Recently the ECOFuelMaximizer inline fuel enhancer has expanded from primarily servicing School Boards and Government vehicles in Texas, Oklahoma and California to the densely populated east coast. One third of the population of the United States lives within 250 miles of New York City. Carbon Pollution from buses, cars and trucks has required private companies, the public and the government to take action. The test on the ECOFuelMaximizer has been done many times before, with a 100% success rate. ECO Fuel Systems, School Bus companies and governmental agencies are all excited and anxiously awaiting the results.

A group of the larger private bus companies have paid for and have agreed to test the ECOFuelMaximizer based on the fact it has been successfully installed in over 200 School Districts on over 38,000 diesel school buses, over 14 years. The ECO System has proven to reduce hydrocarbons and diesel regeneration cycles 40% to 70%+ and fuel consumption an average of 10%. The reduction of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance can save thousands of dollars a year per year and can help keep a vehicle on the road, not in the shop. A cleaner burning fuel will reduce the pollution our students breathe on their daily commute.

For a few hundred dollars the ECOFuelMaximizer is the only product with a 90 Day No Risk, Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. This proven and patented product requires No Chemicals or Maintenance, it will not affect an engines warranty. ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and its associates have been dedicated to reducing Carbon Pollution and fuel consumption since 1999. We are looking forward to helping anyone who wants to reduce pollution and maintenance costs on their engines. For more information go online, email or call for the latest updates.
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