Title Sponsor INsig2 Discusses Challenges and Solutions of Cloud Forensics at INsig2 LawTech Europe Congress 1015

During INsig2 LTEC’s fourth annual event on electronic evidence, digital forensics, data analytics, and legal efficiencies, INsig2’s forensic expert Jerko Burić will discuss the issues and challenges with which forensic investigators are faced when approaching Cloud examinations. In addition, he will discuss possible solutions to overcoming setbacks that arise during these types of investigations.

Brussels, Belgium, June 21, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Today everybody uses some form of cloud solution because these solutions offer accessibility, simplicity, and portability. However, cloud storage doesn't follow current forensic standards.

More often than not Cloud servers are not located within the same country in which an investigation is conducted, giving rise to many legal issues. 9.99 times out of 10 physical access is not possible and even if it was, the amount of data contained in cloud servers is so massive, it would be practically impossible to find useful and accurate data, whether it is contained in one location or in many.

The biggest issue is that its design makes it highly attractive to malicious individuals who view the cloud as yet another avenue for criminal activity. During Jerko’s presentation, he will offer useful solutions to conquer the aforementioned issues in the forensic investigation of cloud systems.

"We are very pleased to have forensic expert Jerko Burić speak at our 2015 event," said Frederick Gyebi-Ababio, Director of INsig2 LawTech Europe Congress. "With the enormous amount of information located in the Cloud and the associated risks, both current and yet to come, delegates will find Jerko’s presentation to be a valuable part of their ongoing due diligence."

“Recognizing the importance of this conference and the value that it provides brings us joy and makes us proud to be a big part of it. INsig2 LTEC is always up to date with the latest developments, innovations, and novelties in the world of digital forensics, which is not only meant for law enforcement but also for legal entities. Bringing together, in one conference, all departments that are involved in digital forensic investigations from start to finish, is something that is quite rare and therefore worth participation,” said Goran Oparnica, director of INsig2.

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INsig2, a member of IN2 Group and a leading Croatian software company, has been established with the purpose of developing and implementing sophisticated solutions for digital forensic investigations. Today INsig2 is the market leader not only in the CEE region but also in Europe. Its aim is to strengthen its position in Europe and to position itself as an important player across the world. For more information about INsig2, please visit http://www.insig2.eu/.

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INsig2 LTEC's mission is to create a cutting edge forum that addresses four core areas: digital evidence, forensic investigations, data analytics, and legal efficiencies. These disciplines are at the forefront of organisational thinking. INsig2 LTEC’s guiding philosophy is to embrace solutions to empower corporations, law firms, and government institutions to limit the potential exposure to legal, financial, and reputational risks and to increase overall competence around these topics. Delegates will be engaged throughout our events with advanced topic presentations, panel discussions, and an array of latest solutions from credible exhibitors. This event strategically focuses on best practices and how they fit into upholding a high level educational structure. INsig2 LTEC has set out to provide relevant solutions and advice to all professionals interested in the future of law, technology, and analytics. For more information about INsig2 LTEC, please visit our website at http://www.lawtecheuropecongress.com/.
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