UpsideLMS Selected by MAEER’s MIT Pune for Its School of Distance Education and College of Insurance

Pune, India, December 01, 2007 --( Upside Learning's Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, has been implemented at two educational institutions in Pune: MAEER's Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Distance Education and MAEER's MIT College of Insurance.

UpsideLMS is a fully web-based, multilingual, feature-rich, SCORM and AICC compliant LMS. It is a robust solution, with an in-built competency mapping module, which enables organizations to manage, deliver, and track their online learning.

MAEER’s MIT is one of the foremost centers of academic and professional education and training in India, and offers programs in a variety of disciplines. The two LMS implementing institutes conduct courses of different durations and delivery modes. They had distinct needs and requirements from the underlying technology platform and needed a solution that could be adapted to meet these differing requirements. UpsideLMS proved to be a highly flexible tool in effectively meeting both sets of specifications; it was configured for two distinct implementations and deployed separately for both the institutes.

When implementing UpsideLMS at MAEER’s MIT College of Insurance, it was configured to support a high load of users on a regular basis. With heavy concurrency requirements and a rapidly increasing user base, the LMS had to be highly optimized and well-designed to handle such high loads. This was all the more vital as its entire response was required to be bound by strict IRDA guidelines in terms of time spent, security etc. UpsideLMS responded well to these critical requirements and is running smoothly with a high daily load.

UpsideLMS comes with a host of tools to make the learning experience much more productive and engaging. Along with a very robust assessment engine for conducting online exams for certifications, it also offers a variety of collaborative learning tools such as online chat, forums, online reference resources, and FAQs that help promote learning and student interaction.

UpsideLMS has been included in the Brandon Hall Knowledge Base 2007 and already has over 50,000 users across hosted and behind-the-firewall implementations. The implementations at MAEER’s MIT demonstrate Upside Learning’s capability as a reliable partner for LMS deployments for both academic institutes as well as corporate organizations.

It proves yet again that as an eLearning product and service provider, Upside Learning can handle high-load implementations and keep customers satisfied.

Upside Learning is one of the India's fastest growing eLearning organizations. Upside Learning serves more than 60 customers worldwide and is known for delivering high-quality solutions on time. Some of the work they have done for their customers has also won international awards for designing and quality. Upside Learning also has a very robust, enterprise Learning Management System - UpsideLMS which enables corporates to manage, deliver and track online learning with in-built competency mapping module.

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Anjali Jain