Settle4Less Launches Platform to Revolutionize Debt Industry

After years of development, Settle4Less launches the "debt capture" method, which is the new solution for recouping billions in uncollectible debt.

Los Angeles, CA, June 25, 2015 --( Owner and one of the founders, Beau Runningen, is happy the site is up and running. Mr. Runningen stated, "We wish that we could've rolled out the platform sooner but I'm feeling good about the recent launch."

The Settle4Less online platform targets consumers with delinquent/charged-off debt. The company is also actively recruiting creditors, service providers, and collection agencies to register in its database.

The debt capture method creates a safe avenue to entice delinquent consumers to pay when traditional collection efforts have failed. By empowering the consumer with the ability to pay what they can, without any contact or negotiation, they will be more likely post a "take it or leave it" one-time offer to pay.

Any consumer that has a charged-off/unpaid credit card, loan, insurance, medical, utility or phone bill can now post their payment offers on the Settle4Less website for free. They will never be charged a transaction fee either.

Consumers with debt, and very little money, are desperate for an alternative solution. They are tired of hiding from and avoiding their creditors. They don't want to be in fear of collectors hounding them. Settle4Less provides consumers the opportunity to rid themselves of their debt burden and move on to potentially becoming credit-worthy again.

All those companies that have extended credit or services, which has resulted in uncollectible accounts, will now be able to recoup a portion of what's owed to them. They've had to leave a lot of money on the table. And, the likelihood of collecting it goes down as regulations and consumer pushback increases. Settle4Less provides companies an additional way to collect without having to commit additional resources. They simply register on the platform and then claim any payment offers that are posted.

The Settle4Less platform is based on autonomy and remains unaffiliated with creditors, service providers, and collection agencies. This provides confidentiality for the consumer. Offers can be posted without commitment, negotiation, fear of retaliation, or increased collection efforts.

The platform runs 24/7 and is accessible from desktop or mobile devices. Offers can be posted and accepted at anytime, anywhere.

Everyone involved on the payee side of bad debt can stop accepting zero. The billions in lost revenue can now be recovered through the debt capture method and Settle4Less is leading the way.
Victor Martinsons