Work at Home Mom Helps Other WAHMs Compete with Big Business

Commerce, TX, December 01, 2007 --( After quitting her job to become a work at home mom, Claudia Roberts of Commerce, TX realized that this plan was not as easy as she had believed it would be. She became friends with a number of other work at home moms, and realized that they all seemed to have a similar problem... competing with big business and getting their names out there to the general public. After thinking about this over a period of time, Roberts came up with an idea that she felt would help solve this problem that so many work at home mothers were facing.

In the end of September, 2007, after discussing with some work at home mom friends, Roberts decided it was time to seriously consider and start planning out this new idea that she had. Her idea was to take her highly brandable and memorable domain name,, which had previously been used as an online gift store for a few short months, and do a complete overhaul on this site to create one giant directory, made up of smaller directories full of websites belonging to mom owned businesses. Roberts felt that this idea would be a huge success because of the uniqueness of the name and the plan to highly categorize each directory into multiple sub-directories. The plan being that with enough directories and sub-directories, then each page of the site would get listed at the top of major search engine results for specific search terms, potential customers search, find Haleyna, and then continue from there to find the specific product or service they are looking for, with a work at home mom. "We cant all be number one at the same time, but... we can as a group" says Roberts of her plan "We can kick big business butt in rankings."

Since Roberts began the reincarnation of, she has shared her ideas and excitement with other work at home moms who all seem to be very receptive to the idea and just as excited to see it take off. "I am so impressed with how well this site is doing already, I signed on as soon as I heard her plan. I'm getting daily hits to my website from and have also been contacted by a new client that will be generating a few hundred dollars more a month than I was making before, all thanks to Claudia and her directories," says Jessica Weston, owner of Marsh River Designs. boasts a whopping 72 different advertising packages available, with a variety of sizes and prices so that they can be affordable for any budget. Roberts is also doing her best to stay on top of popular trends with work at home moms, she is working on setting up a chat room to be used by work at home moms for hosting online parties to showcase their businesses and products. Some other things Roberts plans to offer through in the future are domains, SSL, email accounts, shopping carts and many other products and services that work at home moms might find useful to their businesses.

Roberts has gone from being a work at home mom herself, to helping other work at home moms to be successful. Roberts says "...and that makes me feel like more of a success than I could have become with my online gift store".

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