SALESmanago and APPmanago Create a Marketing Automation Solution Actually Ready for the Mobile Revolution

SALESmanago, world’s TOP6 marketing automation platform with over 3500 implementations in 40 countries has been integrated with APPmanago, a mobile marketing automation platform creating a unique set of solutions encompassing traditional desktop based automation with smartphone based mobile marketing automation.

Cracow, Poland, June 25, 2015 --( APPmanago (, that has been launched last week, offers a unique set of features like analysis of individual customer behavior in mobile app, analytics of apps installed on the phone, dynamic real-time segmentation of users based on various parameters, automation processes configurator triggering personalized push messages with offers, banners, landing pages as well as in-app messages, text messages and e-mails. “Basic idea connected with APPmanago is to give marketers a tool that would help them to really engage mobile app users and take true advantage of the mobile channel. Thanks to integrating traditional marketing automation system with APPmanago Mobile Marketing Automation platform we are probably the only marketing automation provider that is fully ready for mobile revolution,” says Greg Blazewicz, CEO & Founder of Benhauer that operates both SALESmanago and APPmanago platforms.

Thanks to integration of these two systems the marketer gets a unique customer view based on website behavior, transactional data and data about behavior on mobile apps and smartphone usage and may use this data to automate personalized content and offer delivery across all the marketing channels.

“We observe a huge shift in how customers are buying products and services. If 10 years ago we had a consumer behavior shift connected with internet penetration, today we experience another shift connected with consumer moving to mobile. If today mobile constitutes 20% of some businesses and 80% is traditional internet, I presume, that in 3 years time traditional internet will be only 20% and 80% will be mobile. Marketing Automation providers need to be ready for this shift,” says Greg Blazewicz.

SALESmanago (, offers a specialized set of tools for automated real-time marketing in B2C and e-Commerce and boasts internationally known customers such as WWF, Timberland, Yves Rocher and Harvard Business Review, as well as large e-Commerce companies, Telco companies and Central European banks. SALESmanago is based out of Poland with subsidiaries in New York and London and sales offices in Spain, Germany, Portugal, India, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ecuador. Datanyze ranks SALESmanago as world’s TOP6 Marketing Automation Platform with over 3500 implementations. Venturebeat ranked SALESmanago as leader in marketing automation for B2C / Small Medium Business (

Benhauer and was founded in 2011 in Kraków. The company has been growing by over 100% in three last consecutive years. In 2014 company the raised $1.7M USD funding from Rafał Brzoska, the founder and CEO of InPost/ Easy Pack – the world’s largest parcel locker network (6000 machines in 20 countries). You can read more about Rafał at “Can this guy beat Jeff Bezos” In 2016 Benhauer plans another financing round with US Venture Capital firms.
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