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eele Laboratories Becomes New York’s Newest Specialty Bulb Recycler

Many consumers are unaware that most projector lamps contain mercury. Those of us in the projection industry have a responsibility to increase consumer awareness about the need to recycle these bulbs. Fully accepting this responsibility, eele has intitiated an in house recycling prohram for projector lamps.

Bohemia, NY, February 02, 2006 --( eele Laboratories, LLC (eele) is New York’s new specialty bulb recycling center. Specifically, eele has created the first “depot” in New York where consumers, businesses, schools and government agencies can send their spent multimedia projector bulb assemblies. These bulbs, found in front projectors and rear projection televisions, contain mercury, a highly toxic and non-biodegradable heavy metal. It is a nationwide requirement to properly dispose of mercury. Additionally, most states have state-specific requirements that are more stringent than the national mandates.

In an effort to increase awareness about the need to recycle these bulbs eele has created a cost free recycling service, which they have begun marketing to public schools and universities in North America as well as to consumers worldwide. In addition to the mercury contained in projector bulbs, eele also recycles the plastic and metal lamp housings as well as the glass reflectors, lenses and bulbs. A majority of the components will be re-used, making eele more than a disposal center, but a true recycling center. The eele recycling service can most simply be compared to the recycling service offered by ink jet printer cartridge companies; ALL components of the bulbs are recycled, greatly reducing waste and virtually eliminating environmental contamination from the mercury.

eele accepts all models of multimedia projector lamps and replacement projector lamps, and will recycle them for free. They have developed special recycling programs for schools and universities that provide incentives for recycling these projector bulbs. For more information about eele’s Projector Bulb Recycling Center, please call 631-244-0051 ext. 113 or e-mail

eele Laboratories, established in 1997, specializes in advancing the state of the art for a wide variety of illumination applications, in particular those which need to efficiently concentrate light through small apertures. These applications include front and rear projection display systems. eele’s newest department, eele Projector Bulb Recycling Center, focuses on reducing waste and mercury contamination from the lamps found in front and rear projectors. The sister department, eele ReLamping, focuses on using eele’s extensive knowledge of these light sources to provide remanufacturing services for the projection display industry. This industry has seen decreased manufacturing costs in all but one area, the lamp. Therefore, eele ReLamping has addressed this concern by developing a process that allows front and rear projector light sources to be remanufactured without compromising lifetime or performance.

eele Laboratories, LLC
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