Anderson Thermal Devices Offering Industry’s Finest Shaped Infrared Lamps for Process Heating Applications

Hawthorne, NJ-based industrial infrared products supplier, Anderson Thermal Devices is now helping companies capitalize on the advantages of infrared heating technology with their shaped infrared lamps.

Hawthorne, NJ, June 26, 2015 --( The company offers “C” shaped, “U” shaped, and “Omega” shaped infrared lamps to assure clients a versatile selection of high caliber infrared lamp systems for their applications. A leading benefit of turning to Anderson Thermal Devices for their shaped infrared lamps is the engineering specialists at the company can customize the product according the client’s application specifications.

The latest infrared heating lamps are providing companies across the industrial marketplace with a greater level of heating performance. Infrared heating systems are more energy efficient and require less maintenance than traditional convection systems. It’s for these reasons that firms within the process heating marketplace are now seeking out the latest infrared products for their in-house requirements. As leading market specialists within the process heating field, Anderson Thermal Devices is now offering a comprehensive array of shaped infrared lamps.

Shaped infrared lamps from Anderson Thermal Devices provide companies the optimally shaped product for their heating systems. Consider, for example, the company’s “U” shaped infrared lamps, which are available in both shortwave and mediumwave infrared styles and have been engineered so that the sealed ends are outside the heated zone. This helps to keep the seals of the product exceptionally cool and works to extend the product’s life expectancy beyond the market standards.

In addition to their standard shaped infrared lamps, Anderson Thermal Devices can also offer custom infrared lamp products for an array of applications. The company’s team can analyze the client’s application and craft a highly-refined heating product that is designed for streamlined integration within the company’s current systems. It’s the level of engineering excellence companies have come to expect from a process heating market leader.

The team at Anderson Thermal Devices is ready to help all clients locate the ideal solution to their process heating challenges. To learn more, contact their offices directly at 800-720-5256 or visit their business website directly via
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John McKechnie