Makes Donations More Rewarding

The latest innovation in online giving hit the web this week with the launch of™, the first and only online donation processing website that rewards donors with Lifetime Cash Rewards™.

Cincinnati, OH, December 01, 2007 --( With donations as low as $25--donors are able to begin earning Lifetime Cash Rewards™ for themselves and their favorite charities. The benefit to nonprofits is exponential by way of the annual cash received and through the increased donor loyalty gained from receiving their rewards.™ has taken a 40-year-old donation trust method, merged it with the latest in lean processing Web technology, and added social media marketing to pioneer the new generation of online giving.

“No longer is earning cash rewards income and tax breaks from donations exclusively reserved for the wealthy,” said Christopher Hytry Derrington, Board Member of, an organization dedicated to helping nonprofits through technology and innovation. “Now donors of all ages and financial means can donate and earn cash rewards to share with their favorite nonprofits. Donors have the grass root power to change the world…$25 at a time.”™ leverages Web 2.0 technology to provide lean & secure donation processing and management. All donations, large and small, that come through™ are combined in a single charitable mutual fund, which is invested and monitored for performance in the market. It is the power of this complete fund that builds investment return--which becomes Lifetime Cash Rewards™ for donors and charities while building an endowment for the charity.

The back-office tools required to run the web-based mutual fund of™ were donated by Alta Financial Technologies, Inc., a Cincinnati based financial services technology company. “We like working with new organizations; especially one that is passionate about their cause” said Alta’s CTO Bert Bullock. ”We’re honored to have the opportunity to donate the use of the charitable mutual fund software.”™, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a charitable mutual fund sponsored by™ is dedicated to strengthening nonprofit organizations by financially incentivizing donors to give more to their favorite nonprofits by offering Lifetime Cash Rewards™ for both the donor and nonprofit organization while at the same time building the nonprofits’ endowment. More information is available at

Alta Financial Technologies, Inc. is a financial services technology company whose patent-pending back-office products and services enables the creation of web based, paperless, mutual funds targeting specific demographics.

Chris Hytry Derrington