EDTRIN Group Enters Strategic Partnership with Indian Based Hare Krishna Educational Publisher, Goloka Education

EDTRIN Group has made an agreement with Goloka Education to distribute a wide range of learning content to partners, collaborators, communities and individuals comprising the Hare Krishna diaspora worldwide.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, July 01, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EDTRIN Group has made an agreement with Goloka Education to distribute a wide range of learning content to partners, collaborators, communities and individuals comprising the Hare Krishna diaspora worldwide. Goloka Education is an Indian-based Hare Krishna educational publisher aiming to enrich and reconnect youth to the Vedic culture, positive virtues and enduring traditions.

Prana Dasa, Co-director of Goloka Education Resources said, “This Memorandum of Understanding is incredibly meaningful for us. Working with EDTRIN and using its unique learning management system (LMS) gives us the ability to share our resources and provide instant and valuable knowledge to students of all ages in all corners of the globe.

“We will now be in a position to deliver all manner of educational content globally, including our quality professional mentorship program for teacher certification and courses such as Sanskrit learning, English for Speakers of Other Languages and Gokul Kidz, our Early Childhood program.”

Chief education Officer of EDTRIN, Damian O’Sullivan, shared the sentiments: “There is huge demand for content of the type offered by Goloka and we have the technology and knowhow to help distribute this instantaneously to service a global customer base.

“Not only that, our system allows Goloka the ability to protect and control its own IP, which will help sustain its model and provide peace-of-mind. And, in terms of working with a partner who has integrity and genuinely shared values, we’re confident our agreement will more than fulfil its potential.”

The EDTRIN agreement with Goloka Education begins with the distribution of the Goloka developed ‘Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder’ through the EDTRIN Learning Management System.

Although seemingly a niche educational product, there is significant and growing global demand for accredited, genuine Sanskrit learning courses while it is being encouraged as a language of study across Indian schools by various Indian government ministers including the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Although huge demand exists for this type of educational content within India, it is not by any means the only market showing demand. German demand outstrips the capacity of its universities, and many other countries and regions are beginning to show the same appetite for this learning.

The Sanskrit course is the first of a range of Sanskrit courses to be delivered and marketed by EDTRIN in partnership with Goloka. EDTRIN and Goloka will work together to distribute a more diverse library of courses, including an online culinary educational course by Kurma Dasa, the world famous vegetarian chef, who released the first in a series of best sellers in the 1990s and whose publications are now in their twelfth reprint.

Pricing of the Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder course will range between USD10 and USD25 depending on the market. In return for its services, EDTRIN will receive a significant portion of revenue derived from global sales of the course, with this representing an attractive ongoing revenue stream for the company.

The EDTRIN agreement with Goloka is an aspect of a content delivery and customer acquisition strategy focused on Asian markets and marks yet another business development milestone after the company’s recent establishment of operational headquarters in Melbourne.

EDTRIN, whose name derives from the convergence of Education, Training and Innovation, is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management. Its solution has been designed to provide solutions for students, businesses and governments. The company is developing and delivering more effective training and learning outcomes through smart technology and a better understanding of industry knowledge needs and capability gaps. The process is to continuously refine and innovate educational resources and delivery mechanisms that have business and consumer relevance in today’s rapidly evolving commercial and social landscape.

EDTRIN is run by a management team comprising senior former UNESCO executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced education professionals who, between them, have built six online universities and have over 90 years’ experience in delivering disruptive change in the industry.

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