Flat Rate Libraries of e-Learning "BISCUE LS - Long Term" Released

"BISCUE LS - Long Term," the long-term flat-rate libraries of e-learning in 7 languages provided by the Shubiki Corporation of Japan, has been released to support multinational corporations conducting businesses in Japan as well as in different countries.

Tokyo, Japan, July 01, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Shubiki Corporation, Japan's leading business content provider, has begun "BISCUE LS - Long Term" as one of the options for its multilingual flat-rate libraries of e-learning "BISCUE LS."

"BISCUE LS," with over 1,000 e-learning titles for use via smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, has been used for:

- "Human resource development for T-shaped global professionals"
- "Organizational reform"
- "Building of a learning organization"

In order to maximize the benefits provided by the "BISCUE LS" libraries, organizations will need to incorporate the content into their middle- and long-term human resource development plans, managing "BISCUE LS" accordingly.

"BISCUE LS - Long Term" released today has been developed to support this type of use and provide access to a great number of courses at no additional cost for long-term contract users.

More specifically:
- For 2-year contract: 5% increase of the number of courses
- For 3-year contract: 7% increase of the number of courses

The current library service provided by "BISCUE LS" allows user companies to revise featured courses semi-annually for no cost. With the combination of this present service and the newly released long-term services, users are given access to a greater variety of courses at an affordable cost.

Since the inception of the global service of "BISCUE LS" based on the CDN (Content Delivery Network), some Japan-based multinational corporations have begun using its service for the unified training of their staff working across the globe. Based on these experiences and the increasing demand for multilingual courses, Shubiki Corporation intends to make available the services of "BISCUE LS" to multinational corporations seeking to expand in Japan as well as in other countries.

Summary of the services of "BISCUE LS"

* Summary of the services

- Flat-rate libraries of e-learning content for improvement of business skills
- Selection from over 1,000 courses (100/200/300/400/500-course type packages)
- Courses in 7 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French and Portuguese
- Available for smartphones and tablets as well as PCs
- LMS (Learning Management System) included

"BISCUE LS - Long Term"
- For 2-year contract: 5% increase of the number of courses
(e.g. 100-course type to provide 105 courses)
- For 3-year contract: 7% increase of the number of courses
(e.g. 200-course type to provide 214 courses)

Price and more details
For pricing and additional details, please refer to:
(Price guide)

About Shubiki Corporation
Shubiki Corporation is a cross-media digital content provider of various business subjects. Content including over 1,000 pre-packaged titles are provided under the brand names of "BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning."

The courses are used by diversified users which include global corporations, small- and medium-sized companies, the government, public organizations, universities, and individuals.
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