Online Exposure Enhanced by Using Unconventional "Drafting" Technique Launches Dual-Approach Web Marketing Campaign.

Denver, FL, December 02, 2007 --( Denver-based announced today the launch of two innovative online marketing strategies designed to provide apartment listing content to renters across the country.

The first strategy is the launch of a secondary lead-generation division, a network of market-specific apartment websites designed to reach renters in large cities around the United States. The new division will include nearly 300 domain names that are specific to each unique geographic area, such as, and more. Renters will benefit from the current listings already online with, highlighting those that are germane to each market.

In addition to the new CityApartments division, has started using a unique online marketing technique known as “drafting.” By purchasing and registering commonly misspelled rental website domain names, the company plans to capitalize on residual traffic generated by pay-per-click positions held by other industry rental websites, such as and The strategy is named after the NASCAR racing term that describes the technique a driver uses to follow the lead vehicle, thereby reducing the impact of wind resistance to maintain racing position and decrease fuel needed to maintain high speeds.

“Together, these new online marketing strategies will drive apartment renters nationwide to the communities listing with, allowing the company to spend less on paid search results placement and increasing access to our many online listings,” says David Israel, Owner. is a leading online content provider connecting apartment communities to renters nationwide through proprietary software that enables apartment managers to update more than 35 rental websites daily through a single point of contact. Additionally, is the only online apartment service company that provides apartment listings and content to Craig’s List and MySpace.

Julia Dube
David Israel, Owner