Modern Day HeartHuntress Matchmaker Says, It’s Time for More Singles to Tap on the Wisdom of Matchmakers

Pew Research indicates fewer Americans are married than ever before. Technology isn’t helping to improve marriage prospects. In fact, many busy single entrepreneurs and professional are finding that the process of online dating only makes dating a lot more complex and confusing. Therefore, these single professionals are opting to hire a Matchmaker as a means of making things a lot simpler and reverting their dating lives back to a more holistic approach to finding love.

Atlanta, GA, December 27, 2015 --( With over half of the American population single, in a world of online dating, many singles still aren’t having success with finding love. After being single for so long, it is easy to believe that the right person is not coming.

HeartHuntress Matchmaker, Yolanda Williams says, “It’s time for more singles to tap on the wisdom of matchmakers.”

Like most things in life, you aren’t afraid to hire a professional to help. You hire a realtor when, you’re looking to buy property, a life coach to help take your life to the next level, and now you can hire a Matchmaker to help you find love.

“Despite what you’ve been told, dating isn’t a numbers game. Quality beats quantity. Besides you not looking for a date, you are looking for a partner. The good news is finding love really is possible. Having an Expert Matchmaker on your side makes it more possible and increases your chances of successfully finding a suitable match who you are compatible with. Not to mention, we provide you with a good support system, something you’ll definitely need when dating,” says HeartHuntress Matchmaker, Yolanda.

And while online dating isn’t all bad, in many instances it’s just not the best approach for everyone. So what’s the alternative? How do you meet quality like-minded singles in a more traditional way in this world of technology?

HeartHuntress was created to be an alternative that benefits busy, driven, and successful entrepreneurs and professionals who don’t have the time it takes to search for Mr. or Ms. Right but are ready to create space in their lives to meet and build a relationship with their potential life partner.

The personal introduction service was founded by matchmaker Yolanda Williams, a southern belle and a MBA graduate. Yolanda became passionate about helping singles find love after spending the last few years working with busy single professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. After consulting with so many quality single professionals and entrepreneurs, she found that many really wanted to find love and be in a committed relationship. However, after being unsuccessful with dating, many singles begin to believe that finding love was impossible. She started helping her co-works with their dating profiles and matching them through personal introductions. Once she realized that those introductions produced successful relationships, she decided to use her gifts and make this a permanent career path of helping single professionals connect with their soul mates.

HeartHuntress is a unique service in that it’s similar to sitting down with a friend. That friend is both professional and easy to talk to. You tell her what it is you’re looking for. She will search her networks and introduce you to like-minded singles that make a great match for you. Every person prior to being introduce to you, has had their background screened and were personally interviewed.

You know the person has decided to meet you based on what they know about you. So they are just as invested in this at the same level as you are. The matchmaker has already broken the ice, so you already have a common interest between the two of you. In addition, you will get invites to fun exclusive single social events. HeartHuntress is set to launch its first 2016 event January 30th.

One of the most difficult things in this quest for love is all these intense decisions that you need to make. Do I go out with him, should I ask her that now, he said something but what does it mean? While you may have friends, they too have their own lives. Sometimes it becomes hard, to have someone focused solely and wholeheartedly on your love life.

HeartHuntress Matchmakers have the expertise and the dedicated time you need to give to you. They are there to help you make those really hard decisions and stick to your principles (like not settling for casual dating).

Call them serendipity-makers if you will, but HeartHuntress matchmakers have the eye when it comes to who should come together. They are passionate and dedicated to helping singles connect with the right person. Services are built upon personal interaction, honesty, and most importantly, with candidates in their database who want the same things their clients do: a suitable life partner and lifetime relationship.

So if you’re serious about finding love, you should contact a HeartHuntress Matchmaker right away.
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