KantanMT Community Translates 1 Billion Words on KantanMT.com

KantanMT reaches new milestone as its members translate more than one billion words on KantanMT.com.

Dublin, Ireland, July 09, 2015 --(PR.com)-- KantanMT, a leading provider of cloud-based statistical machine translation solutions is pleased to announce that more than one billion words have been translated on KantanMT.com. This achievement underscores KantanMT’s position as the world’s fastest growing MT provider.

Since the platform’s launch in late 2013, the KantanMT community has built more than 7500 customised machine translation engines, uploaded nearly 110 Billion training words to KantanMT.com.

KantanMT Stats:
Number of KantanMT engines built: 7,534
Number of Training Words: 109,707,594,243
Number of Translated Words: 1,083,677,932

“We are delighted that the KantanMT community has translated more than one billion words using our platform,” says Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect of KantanMT.com. “The feedback from our members is what motivates us to continue developing and refining KantanMT.com, so our clients can continue to achieve even greater improvements across all their localization efforts.”

Interest in KantanMT.com has grown rapidly since its launch, and the KantanMT global community is using the platform to build scalable machine translation engines that are customisable to their unique translation needs. The platform’s ability to scale and adapt quickly means members can reach global markets faster than ever before.

To find out more about KantanMT.com, or to schedule a free platform demonstration, email (demo@kantanmt.com).

About KantanMT
KantanMT.com is a leading SaaS based machine translation platform that enables users to develop and manage customised machine translation engines in the cloud. The innovative technologies offered on the KantanMT.com platform enables members to build MT engines in over 750 language combinations, seamlessly integrating into localization workflows and web applications. KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9.
Louise Irwin