Leading Dominican Republic Healthcare Providers Align to Sponsor World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

Hospital administrators, doctors and clinicians, government policy makers, employers, insurance executives, healthcare buyers and related travel and hospitality interests converge, Sept. 27-30, 2015, in Orlando, Fla.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, July 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Backed by the nation’s leading healthcare providers, the Dominican Association of Health Tourism is eager to show the world that the beach paradise in the Caribbean can not only export cigars, coffee and baseball, but also an array of procedures and treatments as a sponsor of the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Sept. 27-30, 2015, in Orlando, Fla., the Medical Tourism Association® announced today.

Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association®, said sponsorship symbolizes a consolidated effort on the part of major players in the Dominican Republic -- CEDIMAT, Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud, Grupo Rescue, Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago, and the Centers for Global Health and International Medicine -- to construct a coordinated strategy based on the quality and safety of health services to attract international patients.

“There’s no mystery about the Dominican Republic,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association®. “International investors are well aware of the country’s status as an elite destination for tourism. But, this is truly a turning point; an occasion for a nation that already welcomes some 20,000 international patients to build upon. For the first time, the primary interests have joined forces to incorporate healthcare services into the ‘tourism’ equation. Based on the success of the travel industry and the impact it has had on the local economy, that’s good news for all.”

Stephano said following the World Medical Tourism Congress, Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and the nonprofit Dominican Health Tourism Association will take part in training and certification programs offered through the Medical Tourism Association®. The training, designed to raise medical standards at facilities and among professional staff, will come on the heels of the release of “Dominican Republic Health & Tourism Destination Guide,” a reference publication featuring the top hospitals, hotels, airports recovery and wellness centers, financial institutions and investment opportunities on an island that boasts the largest economy in both the Caribbean and Central America.

The World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress attracts some 3,000 key stakeholders – hospital administrators, doctors and clinicians, employers, government policy makers, insurance executives, facilitators, and hospitality and tourism interests – from across the globe to share their experiences and identify and solve issues that bear significantly on the industry. For a preliminary list of speakers, go to: http://www.medicaltourismcongress.com/integrated-conferences/

The Congress agenda features the 6th Ministerial Summit, Global, the 4th Medical Directors Summit, the 3nd Global Women’s Leadership Summit, regional and industry forums, and educational workshops included among more than 1,000 networking meetings for up to 200 qualified buyers of healthcare. Participants, sponsors and invited speakers can keep abreast of Congress updates or register at www.MedicalTourismCongress.com

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