Anime Directory Gives Webmasters Speed and Quick Listing

Many website listings exist today – but the ones pertaining to the Japanese Animation world never get any attention from their administrators. One new directory is out to change that.

Des Moines, IA, December 03, 2007 --( The internet has dozens of website directories, and some of them actually get used daily. Yahoo's directory, one of the most frequently used, lists various categories of websites, making finding a useful, relevant website much easier than the traditional web search in some cases.

A brand new directory has arose to help Anime (Japanese Animation) and Manga fans find websites with pertinent information to them. Currently, the directory only has sections for Cosplay, Anime Conventions, Japanese Language, Video Games, and a Random section too. Plans are in the works to add many more categories in the days and months to come, including anime-specific categories for shows such as Trigun, Bleach, or Naruto.

“We really want to encourage people to submit their website,” said Christine Aber, one of the submission reviewers.

The best feature, however, about this new directory is the lightning fast submission process offered. Submitting a new website listing is simple, free, and fast. Webmasters can send the data of their Anime website simply by typing the information into a spam-protected form on the anime directory website, at and then get their site listed in as little as 24 hours, with no charges of any kind.

Speed is a great benefit that this directory offers, especially when compared to any other directory. Just about every other website directory is never updated, has no staff, and has advertisements jamming up every page. This one new directory will not be going that direction.

“We want to be the place for anime related information,” said Aber. “If people don't submit, how can we find them and put them in the right spot? Yeah we can search Google, but what about new websites that have a lot of good content, but no exposure.”

Backlinks, too, are highly recommended at the new Anime Directory, but not required for listing. But, if this site gives the free service of helping people find your website, giving back is nothing more than a common courtesy. Many sites already in the directory don't link back to the directory, yet they were still able to get listed quickly and easily.

To submit a website, or to browse the directory, visit

The Anime Directory, hosted on Googlepages, is a new, quick-linking website directory for fans looking for information about anime, cosplay, manga, and online picture galleries for the Japanese Animation world. The directory is updated frequently and recently (last update November 28, 2007), making site submissions friendly and quick.

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