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Tecumseh, MI, December 03, 2007 --( In the December issue of Families Online Magazine: Find out how 10 minutes of your time can help a half a million U.S. poor women, infants and children this holiday season. Plus: How to Save Money This Holiday Season, Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping Under Budget and A Frugal Holiday

Familes Online Magazine: Media Lead Sheet/ December 2007 Issue

Cover: Holidays - Christmas Decorations by Sonya Weiss Decorating your home with holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwansaa), My December To-Do List for Family Holiday Fun. This Year for Christmas I Intend To Deprive My Children by Sylvia Cochra, Christian Parenting Corner, which provides advice for an anti-materialism Christmas.

Parenting: The “In A Minute” Parent , Counselor's Corner, Sharon Scott, LPC LMFT, “Dad, could you help me with my math homework?" “In a minute.” “Hon, could you help me carry the groceries inside?” “In a minute.” Are you an "in a minute" parent?

Managing the Hustle and Bustle, Real Advice for Real Life, American Nanny
Michelle LaRowe, Parenting Tips for during the holiday season provides a real opportunity for chaos to set in on the home front. From missed bedtimes, to sweets and treats galore, what you can do to maintain some sort of calm during the holiday storm? Managing the Hustle and Bustle

School: 'Tis the Season for Giving (Within Reason), A Note from the Teacher, Jennifer Cummings, Kids love to get gifts, but they also love to give them, too. By the time they get gifts for each of their friends, their teacher, the bus driver ... your pockets are often considerably lighter. Tired of the cash drain that the holidays bring? Here are some ideas to propose to your student (and maybe even their teacher, too).

'Tis The Season....To Just Enjoy Your Children, Homeschooling, by Christina Lorenzen,Tis the season to just enjoy your children. Instead of punching the clock and running to and fro to every lesson we have, we're going to spend some time just enjoying the season

Health and Nutrition: Does Your Doctor Brush Off Questions About Unconventional Treatments? by Doctor Ackerman and Grocery Shopping 101, Nutrition Tidbits, by Lisa Metzgar.

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