New Website Helps with Power Ball Fees

New website helps players of Power Ball and other lotteries afford playing as much as they like without the financial drain.

Houston, TX, December 04, 2007 --( A new website offers help to Power Ball ticket buyers.

Many Power Ball and other lottery players spend a substantial amount of money playing the game. The desire to win the jackpot is a powerful motivator to play often. However, the motivating factor can be one that is overwhelming to many players on a budget.

To play games of chance like Power Ball, players understand that many will enter few will win. It is just the nature of games of chance. However, to many players with small budgets, the amount of money spent on games of chance can take a toll on personal finances of players that don’t play responsibly. is a website that allows Power Ball players to offset their monetary losses by earning extra money to pay for their Power Ball tickets.

By pointing out errors that they see online such as misspelled words, missing graphics, punctuation errors etc., Power Ball players can earn over $2.00 per valid report. With each Power Ball ticket costing $1.00, users are able to easily replace the money that they expend on Power Ball play.

Since using is free, Power Ball players can just set up a free hunter account and start alleviating the Power Ball drain on their budgets while still having fun with their game of choice.

“I play Power Ball a lot and it really helps to find a way to get money back as I play for the big pot”, says Ronald Austin. “You never know, I may win the Power Ball tomorrow, but if I don’t I feel that I am not really loosing anything either.”

Some players use to increase the amount of money they are able to use for playing Power Ball without impacting their personal finances. Others use it simply to replace what they already spend.

Either way, this resource can help Power Ball players go after what they want the most. That would be the Big Pot.

Bill Brooks