ACB Solutions in Holland Relies on Eldon Enclosures to Provide Customer-Specific Solutions in the Food Industry

ACB Solutions is a Dutch-based business that specializes in conveyors and conveyor-systems for over 20 years, offering a wide range of advanced, customer-specific solutions whether as part of a machine, a new conveyor or an entirely new process line. The company partnered with Eldon for an automatic processing line.

Madrid, Spain, July 18, 2015 --( Tomato Processing and Packaging Lines

Currently, ACB Solutions is in the final phase of a project that consists in building an automatic tomato processing line for Wittenberg Gemüse GmbH in Germany, including a computerized system for storing and packaging various types of tomatoes. The conveyor carries the harvested tomatoes from the greenhouse and introduces them into the system. The machine instantly detects to which type of ACB conveyor the tomatoes need to go, as well as the weight on a cart. All the data is recorded and the products are automatically stored in a buffer that has a maximum capacity of 5,000 boxes. This means that, in one single batch, there can be more than 50,000 kg of tomatoes in the buffer.

For the supply chain, ACB Solutions also provided four packaging lines. One packaging line can separately deliver the required tomatoes that are to be packed from each line. The buffer redirects the requested type - based on the FIFO system - to the correct packaging line. Each packaging line can process, on average, around 60 containers per minute, including flow packing and labeling for each line.

Eldon’s Solution
The Eldon enclosures ACB Solutions enclosed in its machines are mainly floor standing and wall mounted mild steel enclosures. The Mild steel semi-compact version, double door MKD was the perfect floor standing choice with its removable rear and roof panel that allow easy hole punching. The wall mounted MAD enclosures used in this project are versatile and especially designed to be practical, efficient, easily customized and accessorized to suit specific requirements. A built-in inverter destined for each drive was incorporated in Eldon’s mild steel enclosures. The HMI can be easily monitored through the LCD displays. The project also included consoles and several thermal management and lighting accessories that enhances the manageability of the machine.

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