TringMe Introduces Flash-Enabled Web-Based SIP Phone - TringPhone

TringMe announces the first completely user configurable and light-weight flash-based SIP phone branded as TringPhone. The service is the first of its kind and it separates it from any other services claiming to be web-based SIP phone service for the following reasons:

Bangalore, India, December 05, 2007 --( 1. TringMe’s offering can work with any SIP/VOIP provider by merely providing the standard SIP parameters.

2. TringMe’s offering requires absolutely no client side software installation and has a very familiar dial pad look-and-feel.

The core value proposition of this offering is the convenience of using web-based telephony with the freedom to use any VOIP/SIP provider. Yusuf Motiwala, founder of Tringme, strongly believe that this will open up new ways for people to stay connected from any part of the world in a cost-efficient manner.

TringPhone opens up the possibility of using any PC with a flash-capable browser as a VOIP client for making worldwide calls. In essence, it gives the user a choice of using the best VOIP provider (based on cost, service etc) without being forced to use a desktop or proprietary client side software. TringPhone also isolates users from seemingly advanced SIP client settings (e.g. NAT traversal (STUN), Firewall) which a user may be required to set when using a desktop SIP client. Switching between VOIP providers is as simple as changing the configuration, all from within a browser.

Tringme believes that this may create new dynamics and can fuel intense competition amongst VoIP providers to eventually benefit users. To test the waters, Tringme has been talking to few VoIP providers about their interest and they have shown interest in getting into the click-to-call or web-based telephony market. However, either technological barriers or cost has constrained them so far. As is evident, there are tons of VoIP providers, only few are able to offer web-based telephony (tringme) and web-activated-telephony (Jajah, Jaxtr etc.). With TringMe’s technology open and available to all providers, the technological barrier is surpassed and hence should enable any VoIP provider or reseller to offer web based telephony services with competing prices. Users should be able to choose the cheapest or most convenient provider and get a complete web-based VoIP offering.

TringPhone also provides a pre-configurable option which will enable VOIP providers to offer fully a pre-configured SIP phone widget (i.e. configured to the VOIP provider’s parameters) on their website. Although SIP has been around for a while to be used as a basis for Internet telephony, using it requires users to download the right SIP phone client, configure the VOIP provider settings correctly and troubleshoot issues on the client end which may be tricky in some instances, especially to a non-tech savvy user. With TringMe’s solution, VOIP providers can provide a completely pre-configured and ready to use SIP phone widget right-away to its users, eliminating any configuration needs from the user.

TringMe demonstrated this capability to a few VOIP providers and they were very excited about this offering and the impact it can make on their business. Given the convenience offered to the user, VOIP providers are excited as this may have an overall increase in the usage of VOIP minutes much like the cellular world wherein the availability (& not necessarily the need) of a cellular device increased the voice mins ARPU.

If you are an enterprise or a VOIP provider and are interested in the above solution, leave a comment or contact Tringme.

Yusuf Motiwala