Yokl'd for Local - Local Search Ranked by Users "Up" Votes

Yokld.com is a website taking a new approach to Local Search. Users rank Best Of local businesses by voting them "Up". Only the Best Local businesses will be viewed first.

Dallas, TX, December 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Yokld.com is a “Best of” directory of local businesses ranked by the sites’ users. Yokl’d aims to go beyond the traditional online directory format of alphabetizing businesses or paid placement of businesses. The format allows the general public to move a business higher on the list based on the business’ performance.

The concept behind Yokl’d is to move away from a Yellow Page directory and 4-star rating system, often cluttered with unproven businesses, and focus on ranking the top businesses in a local community.

Users visit Yokld.com where they can “Yokl’d” a business UP. The more Yokld’s a business receives, the higher up the list it moves. There is no paid placement allowing site visitors a true sampling of the best businesses in each category.

“Up until now, the major search players have purchased or leased a Yellow Page directory, published it online with some ads, and been done. Just like the traditional Yellow Pages, there is no way for a user to gauge if that business is worth visiting. The Yokl’d format allows for a quick and simple process to rank the best. We may not have every business listing, just the top-rated – which is what people really want to know,” said Jay Mallinckrodt, Yokl’d Founder.

Yokld’s “Best Of” feature allows users to give feedback as well. Users can select Positive or Negative categories to write comments on the business. By allowing two different categories to place comments, users will have an easier time finding the comments of importance to them.

“Lots of sites offer areas to review comments, which is a great start,” said Joel Dow, Yokl’d Founder and CTO, “We built the site to allow users a faster method of reviewing comments. Some users may only want to read Negative comments and we have made that easier, plus you can rank which comments are the best,” said Dow.

Yokl’d is also set to launch a social component to the site. Users will be able to set up groups of “friends” and search the Best Of in that specific group. Because everyone’s tastes differ, this concept will allow users, with similar interests, to easily scan local top businesses within their own peer group.
Yokl’d revenue will be derived from banner ad placement and in the future, additional business services targeting local businesses.

“Users are the key. The problem with so many local sites is that they just throw a bunch of businesses at you and you have no idea about the reliability of that business. Yokl’d gives the site user a very simple method to rank businesses and help other site visitors make more informed decisions,” said Dow.

Jim Glynn