CrystalClear Water, Part of the Water Ecology Family, Announces a Breakthrough in Environmental and User Friendly Total Property Water Systems for Desert Area Homeowners

Palm Desert, CA, December 04, 2007 --( As the only local company offering hard water descaling and water quality solutions, the system delivers Ultra Filtered water to every faucet, showerhead and sprinkler head, removing chlorine, arsenic and other harmful chemicals. The company aims to change the way Desert Residents think about water purity and hard water problems.

“There are thousands of homes in the Desert area that have poor quality water, even if they have water softening systems,” said Terry Cole, who with partner, Craig Williamson, PGA Professional has spent six years building the company locally in Palm Desert. The old softening systems are quickly losing favor with the water districts and environmentalists.

CrystalClear Water’s technology, according to Terry, offers a natural, salt and chemical-free conditioning and filtration system for both in-home and outside water use, including pools, spas and landscape. And, believe it or not there is no regular maintenance or filters required.

“Whether for drinking, bathing or washing clothes, for swimming or even gardening, we are providing water that promotes good health and peace of mind,” Terry added. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each of its systems. There are no monthly service charges and financing is available.

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