Syncdocs Enhances Google Drive Features on Windows 10

Syncdocs is a new file sync and back-up app that syncs Google Drive and OneDrive on Windows 10.

San Francisco, CA, August 01, 2015 --( Syncdocs today announced a new version of their popular Google Drive backup and sync app that fully integrates into Windows 10 and OneDrive.

Google Drive users who are thinking of migrating to the similar Microsoft OneDrive online storage platform now have an easy way of getting the best of both worlds. Syncdocs is a new file sync app that can sync to both OneDrive and Google Drive.

“Many of our users wish to continue using Microsoft Office.” says Fed Lowe, CIO of Oxito Health “With Syncdocs, they can edit and share documents in real-time with Google Drive and Docs users.”

Syncdocs enhances Google Drive
Syncdocs also offers many other enhancements to Google Drive, chiefly:

* Multiple accounts can be synced at the same time. This is especially useful for users with separate home and work Google accounts.
* Full end-to-end encryption is provided to improve Google Drive security and meet with regulatory standards like HIPAA.
* Folders are synced from anywhere on a PC or network, not just the single folder dictated by Google.
* Syncdocs can easily be deployed in the enterprise with fully automated, scripted installations.
* All Google data is backed up, even Google documents and spreadsheets.

Those wanting improve Google Drive can grab a free evaluation copy of Syncdocs from their website.
Donald Recsei