The Lux Puff® Revolutionizes the Bath Pouf

The Lux Puff is the first 2-in-1 shower tool to combine a velvety soft washcloth with a traditional loofah.

Houston, TX, August 01, 2015 --( The Lux Puff® is pleased to introduce an innovation to your bath and shower experience. This new and improved entry into personal body care offers a soft, microfiber washcloth surface that is reversible, offering a second side which gently exfoliates.

What separates the Lux Puff from traditional puffs is the infusion of Polygiene, an all-natural silver salt which blocks bacterial growth by 99.96%. The Lux Puff has been given exclusive rights to use Polygiene for the bath product market sector. In addition, The Lux Puff is washer and dryer safe, leading to less trash and more uses than what is currently available. Safer for you and safer for the environment. “There is a reason reputable manufacturers will tell you to dispose of your loofahs every few weeks,” explains Founder Michael Collins. “We all know mold and mildew thrive in wet environments, who wants those germs put back onto your skin? We had to do something about that.”

The unique patented Lux Puff design allows for two surfaces that flip inside out through the use of a white, perforated material and an elastic opening. The combination of these two features allows The Lux Puff to keep its shape and ease of use, depending on which surface you wish to use.

The washcloth surface features ultra-fine microfibers that are highly absorptive. These two elements are what gives it an amazing ability to remove dirt and oil better than a traditional washcloth and does so without scratching so it's gentle for all skin types. The addition of the teardrop holes in the surface increases airflow and allows lather to pass more easily through the cloth. The exfoliating mesh surface is made from a high quality LDPE mesh, able to remove dead skin cells without causing damage to your skin.

“We have put a lot of research into the design and function of The Lux Puff,” explains founder Theresa Collins. “From its overall aesthetics, utilizing polyester thread to ensure a longer product life, to ensuring that the packaging can be recycled. Now, everything we like is in one, convenient package.”

Available beginning today via, you are able to choose from two colors: Cobalt Blue and Radiant Orchid. Priced at $10 including shipping, The Lux Puff is available for shipping through the website in the United States and in other countries dependent on mail service and availability.

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About The Lux Puff

The Lux Puff, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Michael and Theresa Collins, was designed and developed to solve a problem. The focus behind their products is to ensure that consumers have access to products that effectively promote better hygiene, are non-toxic, and are environmentally friendly.

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The Lux Puff
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