Highly-Deliverable Email for All

SendForensics enters the enterprise marketplace with Enterprise Deliverability Control™ for service providers. SendForensics, APAC’s leading email deliverability solutions provider, launches Enterprise Deliverability Control™; an initiative to provide fully-integrated deliverability testing to any email platform.

Singapore, Singapore, August 02, 2015 --(PR.com)-- SendForensics provides digital marketers with a suite of unique email deliverability tools, offering real-time, pre-emptive analysis and optimisation of campaigns over SaaS. With the launch of Enterprise solutions, email service providers and other high-volume senders can offer this technology to their user-base directly and ensure no spam leaves their systems.

“If every legitimate company sent the quality email they are capable of, not only would they see greater engagement and response for themselves, but anti-spam technology would find it easier to filter the real spam and phishing attacks for everyone,” said Leo Hatton, CEO of SendForensics. “Our mission has always been to eliminate spam - not by joining the filtering arms-race - but by providing companies with the tools to send better email. We are glad to bring this unique technology to a wider marketplace.”

“Given its significance, deliverability should not be an after-thought. Neither should it rely on guess-work, or require specialist training. It should be an integral part of the emailing process,” said Alan John, CTO of SendForensics. “With the move towards marketing automation and consolidation of systems, our API aims to make the solution to this complex and critical problem, convenient and accessible to all.”

Service providers now have the opportunity to integrate the SendForensics technology directly into their systems.
Tanya Bray-Williams
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