Fractions & Smart Pirates - Fun Educational Math Game for Kids

Virtual Space OOO has announced their educational app, Fractions & Smart Pirates. Fractions & Smart Pirates - fun and easy way to learn fractions with the Caribbean Pirates. Recognizing and comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions - if you're struggling with fraction problems, Fractions & Smart Pirates is your answer.

Cupertino, CA, August 02, 2015 --( Fractions are a necessary skill and show up in every grade level’s Common Core Standards beginning in second grade. Fractions & Smart Pirates math app is fun way to not just identify fractions, but to apply problem solving skills with them as well. Students go from identifying simple fractions to using those fractions to solve a variety of problems in this math app.

Fractions & Smart Pirates is a fun way for students to practice fractions skills. The developer has created an educational venue for kids to analyze and apply knowledge of fractions in an engaging and fun way. Students are greeted with a pirate map with four locations: Simple Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Addition, and Comparing. Each level focuses on a different skill and has three different difficulty levels.

Simple Fractions has students divide a pizza between pirates. Players must give the pirates on the beach a piece of pizza from an already divided pizza. They must then identify the fraction that remains to give out the pieces to the pirates in the boat.

The Addition section has the player put two cake fractions on the plate. They must then add the two fractions to find the answer. The Easy level has fractions with common denominators, while the other two levels have mixed denominators and students must reduce the fraction to get the answer.

Equivalent Fractions asks students to balance a bridge with buckets of firecrackers so that the pirate can cross. The fraction equivalencies are not easy and students will really need to think about the problem. If they choose the wrong bucket of firecrackers, they explode.

The Comparing section is similar. Students must choose the watermelon that is larger than the one the captain is holding. The easy levels have fractions with the same denominators. The medium levels have different denominators and the hard levels work with larger numbers and varied denominators.

Fractions & Smart Pirates math app is really engaging and students loved it. The Common Core Standards don’t just focus on identifying fractions – they focus on the application of skills and using fractions in operations. By working with equivalencies, comparing, and calculating, students have lots of different ways to practice. The easy level was perfect for lower level students who are still learning fractions. The medium and hard levels were really appropriate for older students who are capable of doing the calculations and comparing different denominators. Additionally, the pirate theme has become so popular in the past few years that children are engaged with the animations throughout the app.

Overall, Fractions & Smart Pirates is a great tool for teachers and parents who are looking to give students an app for practicing a variety of fractions skills. This app is appropriate for students from second grade and up.

Fractions & Smart Pirates 1.7 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category: There is also an Android version available in Google Play: You can purchase and download the app from Amazon: You can watch YouTube Video (Promo): and screenshot:
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