DormCo Presents New College Supplies for College Preparedness

DormCo presents some of the top dorm essentials college students need in order to be fully prepared for college.

Buffalo, NY, August 02, 2015 --( There are a lot of things that are different in college than in high school. The college student is going to be adapting to the new environment and will need dorm essentials for adapting to the new experience. DormCo presents a list of some of the top dorm items college students cannot go to college without in order to be fully prepared for college.

1 – Bathroom College Caddy – One of the main shocks a college student may feel that is different from home is that bathroom accessories cannot be left in the community bathroom. Bathroom accessories will have to be left in the college dorm room and carried back and forth. There are a lot of heavy bathroom accessories the college student will need to carry and it won’t be convenient to carry the accessories in a towel or arms. Store and carry bathroom accessories to the bathroom in a bathroom College Caddy that will also keep bathroom accessories off of the dorm bathroom floor.

2 – Shower Sandals – Along with a shower caddy, the college student will need shower sandals. These anti-microbial, non-slip, textured shower flip flops will keep the college student’s feet off of the dorm bathroom floor and protect feet. The college student can wear these dorm items while walking to the dorm bathroom and while in the dorm shower and the textured grip will prevent fall.

3 – First Aid Kit – A small First Aid Kit is a dorm necessity that may not have to be used but it is good to have. The college student should keep first aid dorm items on hand in the dorm room on a hook in the college closet or near the dorm door for easy access. Keep first aid dorm essentials for minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, and minor burns.

4 – Dorm Safe – A dorm safe is a college supply every college student needs. This dorm essentials product will provide peace of mind that small dorm items are safe while the college student is in class. The college student can anchor the dorm safe to an immovable object such as the dorm bed or dorm desk and store valuable items such as credit cards, a passport, and jewelry.

5 – Water Pitcher – A small water pitcher is a dorm necessity that every college student will need to keep in the dorm mini-fridge. Bottled water will get expensive; with a water pitcher the college student can refill water bottles and save money. A water pitcher that filters water as well as stores it is a dorm essential to make the water in the dorm bathroom drinkable.

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Nicole Horning