New Website Helps Travelers Plan a Visit to Cuba:

Travel to Cuba is becoming a lot easier. The recent changes in the approach to Cuba by the US government are expected by many to have a profound influence in the island. Cuba is about to change, go now for a unique experience.

Miami, FL, August 06, 2015 --( This is an exciting time for travelers looking for new and interesting vacation destinations. The United States is beginning to normalize relations with Cuba. This normalization has resulted in the easement of travel restrictions to the country, and some believe, will ultimately lead to the ability to travel freely there.

When the United States initiated an embargo and travel ban on Cuba in 1962, few thought it would last over 50 years. In early 2015, when travel regulations to Cuba have started to be less restrictive, many more Americans are considering traveling to this mysterious and beautiful island country. Many want to be among the first to personally experience a place where, in many ways, time has stood still. Vintage American cars can be seen traveling the streets. Historic old buildings with amazing, original, architectural designs stand, though, many in disrepair. Beaches remain unspoiled by throngs of tourists and neon and fast food are hard to find. It is a country known for its rum and its cigars. Travelers are feeling a sense of urgency to visit before the increase in American tourism and investments dramatically changes it.

A new web site has been launched to assist those in search of information about traveling to Cuba. This is a website that directs visitors to everything that is needed to plan a successful trip. From guidance through paperwork and currency conversion to discovering the best beaches, is designed as a one-stop resource for those seeking to be among the first to make Cuba their vacation destination.

The site includes information on Varadero, 12 miles of uninterrupted sandy white beaches caressing crystalline blue waters. Visitors to the site will learn why a visit to Old Havana is a must when traveling to Cuba and what makes the Plaza Vieja so interesting. With a click of a button, will direct readers to information about interesting cultural and picturesque cities like Santa Clara, located in the geographical center of the country. This is a university town where tourists can learn more about revolutionary icon Che Guevara. This is a country rich in history and this new travel website helps readers make the most of their Cuban travel options.

For Americans looking to take advantage of eased travel restrictions to Cuba the time to plan is now, it is about to change forever. Those who want to visit Cuba in with its current unspoiled historic charm can learn more by visiting
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