New Flight Charters Reveals Keys to Success in Booking Private Jet Charters

Eleven Years and 12,000 Charter Flights Attributed to Customer-Centric, Full Market Approach.

Jackson, WY, August 06, 2015 --( The diverse air charter industry includes all types of people. It is not uncommon in the high stakes, high dollar business of private jet charter to find charter sales people with a forceful, sometimes hard-nose style, eager to ‘work a deal’ for you, and intimating they have the right connections and they’ll be back to you with a great deal too good to refuse. These types may have come to jet charter sales from previous positions on Wall Street, automotive sales or a checkered past, since nearly anyone can call themselves a charter broker because of little industry oversight or barriers to entry.

Holding a buyer captive allows them to also work a deal for themselves in higher commissions. A soft bait-and-switch may occur when the sales person informs the flier shortly before the flight that the aircraft has suddenly become unavailable for any number of reasons and a different aircraft will fly it, or even at a higher cost.

This forceful trust-me-I’ll-get-you-a-great-deal façade allows unchecked behind-the-scenes dealing often to benefit the sales person, not the customer.

The high-end jet charter industry certainly includes these type of sales people, but also a variety of other styles, personalities and methods. Jet charter is often called a relationship business; referring to the relationship between the buyer and their air charter broker or provider.

With explosive growth in the charter brokerage segment over the past decade, there is a style and personality match for almost anyone. The overall jet charter industry is comprised of a plethora of different operators, fleets, capabilities and logistics. Being so multi-faceted and complex, it is frequently said that ‘nothing can beat a good broker’.

New Flight Charters began in 2003 with roots in high-end service centered on the customer, not the company. Combined with unlimited research and access to the entire market – 8,289 aircraft with 1,777 operators – the company is unrestricted in its service level or aircraft and pricing available for any given charter.

Over the past decade and more than 12,000 charter flights, New Flight Charters has become one of the most respected air charter companies in the industry with its friendly and helpful focus. Company experts come alongside their clients. For each separate trip they research, present and counsel on the aircraft options available, usually customizing the approach for their client’s preferences.

“Some want you to just take care of it for them, and others like to be involved in the process, discuss operators or aircraft cabin amenities. And some have very distinct needs,” said Rick Colson, New Flight Charters’ founder and president. “If we work in their best interest, the business takes care of itself. Working trip by trip, no jet card or advance deposits, we have to earn each one. It keeps you on your toes.”

With this approach New Flight Charters was awarded to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list four consecutive years. A fete managed by less than a handful of charter companies. Being customer-centric, friendly and helpful combined with unrestricted aircraft options, the strategy has paid off.

Nice guys finish last? Not in the world of private jet charter.

About New Flight Charters
The one-of-a-kind air charter company features an acclaimed six-member charter team with a cumulative 43 years in air charter, 49 years FAA-certified experience, 99 years executive management experience, 17,400 hours pilot-in-command, and includes private and commercial pilots and retired law enforcement. New Flight Charters arranges private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft at leading jet charter quotes, along with its Best Price Guarantee, empty legs list, and a perfect safety history. Client and industry reviews are available on the New Flight Charters website. The jet charter company serves a wide variety of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government heads of state, presidential campaigns, entertainment icons, private families and entrepreneurs.

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