Micromill SK Develops New Vibration Resistant Plastic Coating

New customers from the automotive industry assign Micromill SK to develop a shock and vibration resistant polyethylene powder.

Bratislava, Slovakia, August 11, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The highly versatile small batch thermoplastic paint manufacturer Micromill SK was asked to develop a softer version of their already successful low density polyethylene powder for plastic coating to be used in coating persistently strained critical parts used in the automotive and wagon manufacturing industries.

The new plastic coating came from the modification of the highly adhesive LDPE powder currently produced by Micromill SK. While the new powder retains the great adhesive properties of any Micromill SK product, it is softer and thus can be used for items under strong vibrations and mechanical strain, such as cables and weight bearing metals inside cars and wagons. Furthermore, the new powder comes in the Thermofix and Polisint variants, used in hot bath application and spray pistol painting respectively, for which Micromill SK is well known for.

The new product should add to the line of successful plastic coating paints from Micromill SK, which is strongly established in the market for over a decade, tying on to a strong tradition of Italian paint manufacturing.
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