Leading Non-Profit Launches Local Female Leaders Program to Recognize Thought Leaders in Island Communities

Islands Society launches unique program dedicated to showcasing the value of outstanding women making a local impact in island communities to a global stage.

Washington, DC, August 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The capacity for island communities to effectively address environmental changes and threats to human security cannot be met without the full inclusion and equal participation of women and girls. Often removed from the loci of political decision-making where advocacy of this kind is strongest, island communities are thus limited in their exposure and engagement in campaigns that encourage gender parity and inclusiveness. For example, many islands in the Pacific region suffer from some of the lowest international rankings in female parliamentary representation and similarly lag in executive positions.

The Islands Society believes the need for greater public awareness of existing barriers must be accompanied by the promotion of women who are successfully breaking them. The Islands Society’s Local Female Leaders (LFL) Program thus seeks to promote leading female change-makers in island communities around the world by showcasing their insights on how the health and well-being of girls and women can be improved in the unique context of island communities.

Communities and leaders are invited to nominate outstanding women leading positive change to share their personal and professional experiences. LFL will feature leaders on a monthly basis and provide women with an opportunity to showcase their local perspectives on the global stage.

“Creating a culture that celebrates and supports local leaders is central to the Islands Society’s commitment to creating initiatives which ‘respect, inspire and empower islanders’,” said Keiko Ono, Vice President of the Islands Society. “As one of our many leadership initiatives, LFL is unique in that it will create a space dedicated to celebrating strong women in an effort to build stronger, more just societies. The recognition of women and their valuable contributions to sustainable growth is not only vital in cultivating greater gender parity, it is grossly overdue.”

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About Keiko Ono
Keiko Ono is the current Vice-President of the Pacific Islands Society. Borne of Japanese – Papua New Guinean descent, she was primarily raised between nine countries in South-East Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Prior to joining the Pacific Islands Society, Keiko studied Politics and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London. She has since served as one of three Presidents in SOAS Students Union, worked as a researcher for a Zambian NGO and developed experience as an educator in Tokyo working with the Japan-based international NGO, Peace Boat.

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