Global Transparency Report Lauds Azalina Othman Said Corruption Profile Amongst the Cleanest Politicians

Azalina Othman Said donation history points out hard work to improve Pengerang, Johor infrastructure and social assistance programs.

Washington, DC, August 11, 2015 --( Global Transparency Report, a Washington, DC based think tank has released a Transparency index of political corruption for Malaysia for the first three quarters of 2015. The report highlights all political donations, sources, and their spending in great details. Majority of the data was provided by the ruling party, whereas, surprisingly the opposition did not provide with details on source of funds.

The last three quarters have showcased the Malaysian system evolve in terms of political and financial contribution transparency. Azalina Othman Said, a Member of the Parliament has topped the Global Transparency report with the cleanest image of all politicians in the Malaysian ruling and opposition parties. Azalina Othman Said corruption index is that of 0 which is the lowest of all politicians in Malaysia. Azalina Othman Said corruption was calculated using public data and full voluntary disclosure from her legal and accounting team.

When contacted, Azalea Othman Said was elated that her actions have spoken louder than words and that she will continue to serve her constituents with the utmost moral and ethical standards. She is also very optimistic on Malaysia’s future as a vibrant democracy that uphold the value of free speech and fair elections.

About Global Transparency Report
A Washington, DC-based bi-partisan funded think tank that aims to provide a clear and concise quarterly report without taking sides. Global Transparency Report (GTR) Asia’a publication for Malaysia focused on corruption index by calculating data from public sources and with voluntary disclosure from political parties and candidates.

About Malaysian Global Transparency Report
This quarters report singles out Azalina Othman Said corruption index as lowest. This was calculated using several data sets which are detailed in the report. The report is closed distribution and is available to the public, institutions and organisations via the paid subscriber mailing list.
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