Success at Work Doesn’t Bring Happiness

Perth, Australia, December 06, 2007 --( The recent deaths of two high-profile television presenters dispels the myth that work success will bring happiness in all aspects of our life, says people optimization and business improvement specialist Tabitha Wellman.

In both cases, the deaths of Charmaine Dragun and Chris Mainwairing highlighted the difference between the personal view of their lives and that of public perception.

“It’s not uncommon that once people achieve success, they then suffer depression, anxiety and a general state of unhealthiness. Society tells us that when you achieve success, happiness will follow. But when they get there, some people feel that it’s anything but happy.” says Tabitha Wellman.

Tabitha Wellman, CEO of Innova Business Momentum, knows of this first hand. After reaching success in her business life, at the age of 29 she suddenly realized that she was desperately unhappy.

“I was walking down the street one day and realized that my life was grey and without color. It looked fabulous from the outside looking in. I had all the trappings of what success was, but from where I was I felt nothing. I was just a robot going through the motions of life” she says.

This was the beginnings of a new career in business improvement where she developed growth programs to help organizations grow with a clear focus on their employee’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

“The organizations I work with realize that everything starts from understanding their people and how they can best support and manage them. As a result, they get the best from their people,” she comments.

Using a personality profiling tool called the Enneagram, Tabitha trained with world renowned authorities, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, in the USA. The Enneagram is used by progressive US companies including NASA, the CIA, FBI and Toyota to assist their employees to perform at levels that are aligned with the integration of their personality type.

The Enneagram is a powerful personal transformation tool that combines psychological insights with core belief systems to help understand the true self. It also outlines a clear development process that provides choices about changing their behavior.

Unlike other psychometric tests like Myers Briggs and DISC, the Enneagram focuses on understanding the core drivers and motivators of a person’s behavior rather than just describing what people do in certain circumstances.

“Working with the Enneagram for the past nine years has made me realize that many people are working in roles that keep them in a dysfunctional state and therefore unhappy. This doesn’t mean that they should give up their jobs, it just means that with some management and personal awareness they could potentially become much happier and more productive in their lives and for their company”, says Tabitha Wellman.

The Enneagram is particularly valuable for recruiting the right people to the right role, then tailoring the management of that person to get the best from them, rather than unwittingly managing them in a way that creates anxiety, stress and unhappiness.

Talking about the demand for her services Tabitha comments, “I remember five years ago saying to Russ Hudson that I felt compelled to help people, but that I would need to leave the corporate world. He told me not to burn my suit just yet. And now I know why.”


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