Author of "Light VS Dark: a Book of Poetry," J. T. Anderson Releases New Ebook "Beating Asthma: How I Manage Asthma the Natural Way"

J. T. Anderson reveals how he naturally manages and beats back asthma naturally.

Detroit, MI, August 13, 2015 --( J. T. Anderson's second book release is a short expose on how he manages asthma the natural way. In this book, J. T. Anderson touches on diet and exercise, as well as some breathing techniques as he walks you through some of the rough times he has had with asthma and how he eventually came to understand things he could do in order to get away from the need for pharmaceutical grade inhalers and other medicine.

This book is a different dynamic for J. T. Anderson as he has a passion for poetry and inspiring people in any way that he can. His goal with "Beating Asthma" is to bring a deeper awareness and interest to asthma and various ways to manage it.

For only 99 cents on, you can pick up a copy of the book. A portion of the proceeds will go to asthma research programs dedicated to finding natural and medical management and cures.
Justin T Anderson
586 524 5133