Introducing Business and Mentoring for Artists Who do Not Want to Starve

Where creativity and business get smashed together.

Milwaukee, WI, August 13, 2015 --( Introducing, where creativity and business get smashed together. In the changing landscape of the art world, artists need guidance. Artists will learn to reach their audience with new content weekly. With videos, guides and downloadable content, artists will learn to be effective at marketing. WuzzleIt, will promote, spotlight artists and contest winners via social media channels.

Statistics on the Art Landscape Xanadu Gallery– State of the Art Survey 2015
· Over 69% of artists sell more work through direct sales than through traditional galleries.
· Artists making $25,000 or more spend 50-75% of their time on marketing.
· 73% said will spend up to $1500 on marketing with a big sum going to social media.

The Need - The art world needs more time and money spent on creating, not marketing. Artists need a resource that is not treating them like prey. Other companies offering these services charge up to $150 an hour. Which includes little or no promotional value for the artist. Ineffective marketing costs more and has lower results. Big mistakes will happen with the money artists will be spending.

The Solution – Previous to WuzzleIt, artists had no resource to educate them at an affordable price on effective marketing and mentoring. At $5 to $7 per month, WuzzleIt is affordable. 20% of subscription revenue will go into contests and promotions for the members and 10% of the revenue to pay artists like Grey Cross of Immortal Artist to provide content. WuzzleIt provides topics to help your craft/art be better right along with your marketing skills. Wuzzle means to “mix it up”. WuzzleIt helps the artist look at analytics right alongside the quality of their portfolio. WuzzleIt provides the business skills and art mentoring together because it is artists helping artists.

Rosie Hartmann - the creator of WuzzleIt wants to educate the artist quickly and cost effectively, with new content weekly. Hartmann, a working artist herself, represented by Xanadu Gallery fills the void. Hartmann also brings 15 years of top level business management skills.

Rosie Hartmann at for a three day free membership to learn more. Hartmann can also be reached via twitter @RosieHartmann or at 414-343-9201

“Focusing on craft alone won't prepare students for life as a working artist," says Joseph W. Polisi, president of the Juilliard School.
Rosie Hartmann