Millennial Entrepreneurs “Whistle While They Work”

Austin, TX, August 14, 2015 --( Chelsey Nordyke is not your typical twenty-two year old. While many her age are either completing their University careers or preparing to begin a fifth year “victory lap,” the rising fashion entrepreneur and her high-end fashion company,“Spire The Label” ( are still recovering from a best-in-show victory at the 2015 Austin Fashion Week in Austin, Texas, and only gaining momentum. Nordyke took a breath a few days ago to sit down with podcaster Tobin Davies, who welcomed her onto his brand new business and career show, “Whistle While You Work,” for a conversation about the frenzy that is her life post-AFW. The two talked about her blossoming business, how she deals with criticism, and how there is no time like the present to pursue your dreams.

The conversation on the podcast turned from how she felt when she was pulled up on the stage to find out that she had won it all at AFW, to the subject of millennials embracing entrepreneurship. Nordyke wholeheartedly affirmed the notion that young people should be starting businesses. “This is the best time to take a chance and do something like that… I’m such a big advocate for following your dreams,” said the young fashion mogul.

Following dreams is something Whistle While You Work host Tobin Davies is also quite familiar with, as he has recently left a comfortable job in the alternative fuel equipment manufacturing world to become yet another example of the growing populous of millennial entrepreneurs. “When I look back in 25 or 30 years, I don’t want to wish that I had instead followed my lifelong dream to start a business.” He pointed out that many people go to great lengths to immigrate to the United States for the opportunity to start businesses here. “Forty percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their children, and it’d be a shame if those of us who have been blessed by the great business environment in the U.S. for generations simply take our freedom to prosper for granted.”

Sharing stories of entrepreneurship is a big part of what Davies’ Whistle While You Work podcast was designed for. He tracks down people who have inspiring and interesting careers or businesses, and records interviews with them to unpack the educational and entertaining stories of their professional journeys. The finished product is published as a podcast via iTunes and at Davies believes podcasts are seeing a lot of growth as people are choosing to listen to their favorite on-demand digital audio shows on their phones as they commute, work, or exercise.

The beauty of these young people starting their own businesses rests in the life-giving energy provided by their passion to achieve their own dreams. While Nordyke values traditional education, she expressed sympathy for the many students who graduate college only to realize their degrees aren’t leading them to a career they’re passionate about. “I’ve seen a lot of my friends graduate school with degrees they don’t want to use, and they’re not passionate about. They’re struggling to find jobs because they’re just not excited about it.” This may be true, but thanks to Tobin Davies’ Whistle While You Work Podcast, there is now one more place for these students to find inspiration.

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