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Email marketing helps business grow, entrepreneurs can sell information, politicians even get elected using email marketing.

Kelowna, Canada, August 15, 2015 --( It is no surprise that most online businesses use an email marketing software to communicate with their customers and for ongoing marketing purposes. Email marketing helps business grow, entrepreneurs can sell information, politicians even get elected using email marketing. The big problem with email marketing is who to trust and what's a good deal. Online marketers and business owners have heard the horror stories of email marketing as some companies will promise and not deliver or even close a software account due to spam or complaints. The problem with most mainstream email marketing software companies is they don’t really allow email marketing. For the most part most email marketing software companies are simple newsletter services that allow users to trickle a few emails out at a time and better hope not to get any complaints as they will close the account and offer no refunds. The real kicker is nothing wrong or illegal is happening and most people are even following the Can-Spam act yet still getting shut down for a few complaints.

The top complaint from high volume email marketers with companies admittedly host dozens of accounts on one server and IP so if one customer gets a complaint for sending emails out using their system it can also affect dozens of other user on that same server so they will simply close the account and then stand behind their terms or service. Thanks to the internet reviews and excellent news sources like this, this mistake many companies make can be avoided all together.

Companies like who have been around for more than half a decade approach the Service of Web-based Email Marketing with a completely different approach and attitude altogether. Official Email Marketing sets up the Web-based Email Marketing Software account from scratch each with a unique domain name for sending and IP address with the option to add more and both can rotate during the sending process, this assures top deliverability when sending millions of emails at one time. This method provides the marketer with full control over their account and easily upload bulk email lists to send out millions of emails with successful results tracking, and full stats and reporting in real time. Many successful and experienced email markers sending out 30 million or more per month have confirmed this process is far beyond anything else available and provides free tools and services to monitor the IPs and switch them out as needed. Learn more
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