UltraRadiance™ Introduces SkinVacMD™ Into the Fight Against Acne

SkinVacMD™ introduces the most effective addition to the fight against acne.

Laguna Hills, CA, August 17, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Even though we live in a time where people care more about their appearance than ever before, acne still remains a struggle for most people. An estimated 80% of all people between the ages 11-30 have acne outbreaks at some point. Acne breakouts can be a blow to your self-esteem, and even though there are countless cleansers and creams that are supposed to treat the breakouts, sometimes nothing you try works.

SkinVacMD™ by UltraRadiance™ takes you away from the expensive cleansers and in a different direction. SkinVacMD™ is an FDA registered over the counter microdermabrasion system that was clinically tested by a US Dermatologist. The SkinVacMD™ system addresses the problem at a deeper level, utilizing an abrasive diamond tip and suction from a vacuum to gently exfoliate and clear clogged pores, resulting in instantly smoother skin and a reduction in breakouts after just a few treatments. Traditionally you could receive a series of these treatments by your doctor or esthetician, but that can get expensive.

This system is simple and safe enough to be used by yourself at home and costs less than a single series of treatments in a professional office. UltraRadiance™ introduces their turnkey system, SkinVacMD™ ProDeluxe Kit, at a starting price of just $174.99. Combining weekly SkinVacMD™ treatments of just 5 minutes with your traditional skin care routine will help you control your breakouts and return your self-confidence.
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Tyler Knowles