Former Southern Fried Stings Star Launches Injury Investigation Company, Aggressively Seeks Recourse for Medical Providers

Former Southern Fried Stings (truTV) star Jay Russell unveils new company seeking justice for injured and medical providers.

Greenville, SC, August 18, 2015 --( Southern Fried Stings (truTV) star Jay Russell has announced the launch of Third Party Evaluation Services (TPES), a company that seeks restitution for injured clients by finding those responsible for accidents and holding them financially accountable.

TPES aims to provide superior representation for accident victims and their medical providers through a partnership with former law enforcement investigators and a large team of lawyers specializing in a variety of injuries.

“The most qualified and successful lawyers rarely appear making hyped up promises in television commercials,” says Russell. “TPES takes a different approach, employing former law enforcement investigators to thoroughly research the accident and then referring a highly specialized lawyer to the victim. These experienced professionals increase the likelihood of obtaining enough compensation to both cover damages and repay the medical providers who tended to the injuries.”

Medical providers following government regulations laid out in EMTALA are often the unseen victims of traumatic accidents. Providers are embattled by bad debt due to insurance company Allowed Procedures and new federal and state regulations, despite benefits allowed by the Affordable Health Care Act.

TPES aggressively seeks recourse for the medical provider when working a case with a victim. Any resulting restitution obtained upon the awarding of a settlement is given to the referring practitioner.

U.S. hospitals reported $45.9 billion in uncompensated care in 2012 representing 6.1 percent in annual hospital expenses. (Source: American Hospital Association, “Uncompensated Hospital Care Cost Fact Sheet,” January 2014.).

In addition to his television role, Russell is a former South Carolina State Trooper and Private Investigator with over 20 year experience and hundreds of successful injury cases in his portfolio.

Those interested in more information are encouraged to visit the TPES website.

Third Party Evaluation Services (TPES) takes a professional approach to investigating accidents in which innocent people are injured in order to identify responsible parties and hold them financially accountable. TPES specializes in evidence collection, witness interviews, and incident documentation in addition to connecting victims to the most qualified legal counsel for their situation. TPES aims to seek recourse for the victims and the medical professionals who aided them.
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