New Book Contains the Secret on How to Succeed by Lars Andersson

In southern Sweden, in a small town, this splendid book was born! The Force of the Universe was written by Lars Andersson, who devotes his life to helping those who want to find the path that wills The Law of Attraction to work as it did for so many others. The secret is now written in a way that everyone can understand and has been summarized in this story in a nice way.

Miami, FL, August 21, 2015 --( Many people who seek the secret search through the information available to find how they can obtain the balance they want to achieve in their lives but it is difficult when there is so much material to choose from.

Much of this can be difficult to understand and apply. Lars wrote on one occasion:

"A wonderful day can create inspiration and joy but many are living in a moment less good existence. Having access to genuine joy of life is a luxury that not everyone can count on, but I want a simple way to communicate this joy that it means to live in harmony with oneself and others. Maybe it requires you to make a small change, but if you're prepared to do that then I'm willing to be there for you. Spread the light, joy and love to all and was grateful for the light gleams in many of darkness full of stress and bad habits. Start your new life where harmony and love and gratitude guide all activities and thoughts. Let love of life flow. Enjoy everything the day brings and smile at everything that could be of inferior character and sweep away from your shoulders."

Lars has dedicated many years of his life to creating a website and a book that gives everyone a summary of his studies and experience in a good way. This is something that will change the lives of many who want to learn the tricks for a better life full of harmony and love for all and lead to a change that will achieve all the dreams and goals one has.

The company, Intrexium owned by Lars Andersson, builds its business on helping all who those who want and can spend time finding the way.

Through his book and website, you have a complete platform that will give you everything you seek.

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