Dating Alchemy Unearths Inspiring Women’s Anthem

The Search for an Anthem for the New Dating Alchemy Website Unearths a Gem

Orlando, FL, August 20, 2015 --( is a new site designed primarily for mature women who are "dating again" for whatever reason.

Dating Alchemy challenged its visitors to suggest an inspirational anthem which encapsulates their spirit - full of confidence to face any challenges which might come along, and at the same time conveying that "hey we're in control of this and we're going to enjoy it!"

‘Dating Again’ could be after a divorce or bereavement. Irrespective of the cause these women are once again in a position where they are going on dates, and more likely than not, it's been quite a long time since they last tried.

Dating Alchemy is there with a growing database of hints and tips to encourage confidence and help users enjoy themselves as much as possible whilst staying in control. When dating has become a distant memory the whole process can seem quite overwhelming, and one additional complication between now and before, is the advent of online dating.

It sounds like it should be easy, but in practice it can be anything but.

So there was the challenge - find a song which might capture the essence of what is all about.

The response was extremely encouraging enabling the creation of a shortlist of three on which people can vote – the choice comprised of one very obvious one, one fairly obvious one, and one which came as a complete surprise, much to the delight of the Dating Alchemy organizers.

The obvious one, which is universally popular and remains a karaoke favorite, is Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". It certainly exudes confidence, and one is left in no doubt that Gloria is more than capable of addressing any challenges that the future may bring.

The second song doesn't have the first's longevity and popular appeal, but it is arguably far more inspiring and uplifting. It was a celebration of female self determination in the 1970’s and became an enduring symbol for the women's liberation movement. It is of course Helen Reddy’s "I Am Woman."

The third song entitled ‘Sam Jones Blues’ described as “a little gem” by the delighted organizers, was first recorded almost 100 years ago by the legendary blues singer Bessie Smith.

Unfortunately the quality of the recording isn't very good, but there is a more recent version by George Melly (which is also accessible on the Dating Alchemy website), which is somewhat easier to follow.

The lyrics, although brief, are highly evocative and bearing in mind the era from which they come and who is originally singing them, paint an inspiring picture of female empowerment at a time when such attitudes were in the minority. They also contain a timeless quality that resonates today.

Unsurprisingly ‘Sam Jones Blues’ has become the favorite among the organizers to be adopted as the Anthem.

But the actual choice is dependent on the vote in which anyone can participate. The songs can all be heard at and the vote will remain open until the end of August.

Perhaps even longer if anyone can suggest a song that better encapsulates what the Dating Alchemy site is all about. The Dating Alchemy organisers would be delighted to hear any other suggestions, which if proposed by a reasonable number of participants, would be gladly added to the vote.

Go to and cast your vote.
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