Top Retail Software Executive Releases Video Discussing Vital Need of Point of Sale Software for Retailers

Scott Kriesburg, CEO of One Step Retail Solutions, the largest Retail Pro reseller, released a video discussing how to choose a POS partner for your company and the vital need of point of sale software for any store.

Phoenix, AZ, December 07, 2007 --( “This video is a new approach One Step Retail Solutions is taking to help more retailers understand the need for advanced retail technology. They can read all about it, attend webinars on it, and even talk to friends about it. But listening to a retail expert who really understands retail should help make a difference in how retailers will start to shift their existing “cope” mindset and operational behavior to a more proactive role in changing conditions.” says Cyndi Seidler, Marketing Director at One Step Retail Solutions

“It’s all about education, really, and once a retailer gets a grasp on why they need better point of sale technology to run their retail operations, they will begin to see improvements across the boards”, states Cyndi Seidler.

Picking Point of Sale software for retail owners can be very difficult as they need to be knowledgeable in several areas such as computers, retail management, networking, new technology and software features. This video seems to help most retailers build their knowledge base so they can make better choices when they pick their POS systems.

“A poorly-designed or simply ill-suited point of sale system can be a daily management headache; a good one that fits well with your business can be your most valuable employee“, says Jane Harmon from “A retailer with a POS system who isn’t running and utilizing its reporting features will not have insight into their business. It’s really the key to success with a system”

“A retailer needs to understand how running reports will provide data to help them make money. Certain reports will provide them with information that can help them improve the efficiency of their staffing model, and which staff is producing the most sales, and what are their busiest hours of the day and day of the week, things like that”, States Scott. “I have seen retailers literally live and die based on how well they use reporting in their business.”

Quoted from Scott’s video interview.

One Step Retail Solutions new CEO interview has been gaining popularity and can be found on several video sharing sites such as Google, Metacafe, Youtube and Motionbox. One Step Retail Solutions and others have been using this video as a tool to educate its clientele and the broad public on the importance of the Point of Sale tracking systems for retail outlets.

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