Seagate Alarm & Signal Launches Patent-Pending Mobile, Self-Powered Alarm and Signal Processing System

Toledo, OH, August 20, 2015 --( Seagate Alarm & Signal ( a U.S. based technology and manufacturing company for the solar powered, location aware, alarm and signal system (SAS-5000), announced today that its flagship product, the SAS-5000, is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“We are proud to announce that Seagate Alarm & Signal has been granted patent pending status for our cornerstone product,” said Jim Adams, General Manager of Seagate Alarm & Signal and product co-developer. “We believe that our security system is the most advanced alarm on the market and the uniqueness of the SAS-5000 warranted measures to protect its intellectual property.”

The SAS-5000 alarm system is powered by a combination of a battery and a solar panel and provides communication between a remote module and law enforcement and a data center. The alarm system is adapted to trigger an alarm to notify the remote module, which can include a central operator, of a theft or attempted theft so that the local law enforcement can be notified.

Although the alarm and signal system can be used in a variety of applications most notably the company has carved a niche serving heavy civil and highway construction companies. In such cases, it is typical for these customers to have various mobile job sites and the location aware SAS-5000 alarm and signal processing system protects them by reporting the exact location with static address to the responding police force. Theft from job site tool and office trailers not only cost the price of stolen equipment but also adds overtime costs and fines caused by project delays as a result of the stolen equipment. The SAS-5000 makes the most of today’s technologies to expand security and provide greater piece of mind.

For more information about the SAS-5000 mobile, self-powered alarm and signal processing system visit or on Twitter:/seagatealarm.

About SAS-5000
The SAS-5000 is a combination battery and solar powered, location aware security system that features cloud based portal fleet management, EZ arming and disarming capabilities as well as eliminating the need for on-site power and phone lines.

About Seagate Alarm & Signal
Based in Millbury, Ohio, LOA Enterprises LLC, dba Seagate Alarm & Signal is the Product Developer, Pending patent holder and U.S. Manufacturer of the mobile, self-powered alarm and signal processing system (SAS-5000).
Seagate Alarm & Signal
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