Dr. Ronald Hoffman on Taming Your Addiction to Food

New York, NY, August 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- In his recent article, “Defensive Eating: Taming Your Addiction to Food,” renowned Integrative Physician Dr. Ronald Hoffman describes a physiological basis for overeating and food addiction.

“Powerful food science and technology have successfully created ‘craving’ and discovered the ‘bliss point’ that effectively hits the center of our addiction circuitry – and we have no power to switch that off,” says Dr. Hoffman. “The food industry’s manipulation of our taste buds and our environment enables us to overeat, even when we never have before. It creates an internal struggle between our energy balance (calorie intake) and reward system—and the reward system is winning!”

According to Hoffman, the first step in fighting back is understanding just what is happening to the body and brain when these addictive foods are consumed. He lists which foods, ingredients, and additives are “triggers” that perpetuate the release of potent brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that activate the same circuitry as heroin and cocaine. These triggers are responsible for driving eating behavior into the overeating zone, making us insatiable when it comes to certain foods.

Hoffman, along with Hoffman Center Nutritionist Leyla Muedin have also produced a video that details tools to effectively disarm cravings and food addiction. They introduce the concept of Defensive Eating to overcome overeating behavior. Going beyond “willpower,” they offer strategies to eliminate cravings and combat emotional eating.

The full, 90 minute Hoffman Center video is available on the Intelligent Medicine website.

Dr. Ronald Hoffman is a pioneering complementary medicine practitioner, Director of the Hoffman Center for Integrative Medicine based in New York City, and host of the popular and long running syndicated weekly radio program and podcast “Intelligent Medicine.” Read the full article at the Intelligent Medicine website.
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