Non-Profit Group Helps 100 Women at an Annual Royal Gala

The Hoff Foundation provides a spiritual, emotional, and physical makeover for women in need at Queen, It's a New Day Royal Gala Event.

Lynwood, WA, August 23, 2015 --( It was the dream and vision of Judy Hoff, founder of the Hoff Foundation, to create a program to help women coming out of recovery and abuse with a new chance at life with a complete makeover. Today, Queen, It’s a New Day, offers just that serving women throughout the year and at their annual Royal Gala event, which begins August 24, 2015.

Hoff, author of the book, “Healing the Hole in Your Heart,” is passionate about helping women become whole again no matter what their circumstance may be. Her aim is to provide hope, restoration, and confidence in the lives of women.

Queen, It’s a New Day Royal Gala event includes hundreds of volunteers who serve 100 women chosen or nominated as “Queens” in a two-day event held this year at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood, WA. All women are provided with formal attire and are transported to the hotel where they stay for one night. During the evening Revisit Steppenwolf!, original members of the band, are making this event a stop on their Born to Be Wild 2015 concert tour. An elegant dinner will be served by Chef Elf of New Day Café.

The following day after the Royal Gala Queens are treated to a complete spa and beauty treatment makeover along with a new professional wardrobe for work. The two day change and transformation is followed up with support services for each Queen for one year.

After several years of holding this event, The Hoff Foundation can track the changes and successes in the lives of women from devastation to new jobs, from homelessness to new homes and self-sufficiency, to families reunited, from helplessness to hopefulness - these women are truly changed from the inside out forever.

“Queen, It's a New Day doesn't claim to 'fix' women, rather to serve as a beginning of change,” Hoff said. “It is a catalyst to become empowered and feel confident enough to embark on what often times is the difficult journey of recovery from addiction and various abuse in their lives and the lives of their children.”

Hoff’s devotion to Queen, It’s a New Day goes beyond helping women, and also serves the Puget Sound Community through Esther’s Place, New Day Café, and The Hand Up Project. She is raising money to support these programs on her website,

The annual gala and support services are set up to help restore confidence as well as change attitudes, provide an opportunity to learn about aesthetic appropriateness in the workplace and provide a feeling of self-worth and self confidence that can catapult women into successful ventures long after their experience in Queen, It's a New Day.

The support services throughout the year, following the gala, include monthly employment workshops, speakers from women in leadership and authors, job and life coaching workshops, spiritual enrichment, access to business attire and monthly mini makeovers, increased awareness of access to womens' health issues (mammograms, pap exams, etc.) help with connecting to community resources and access to emergency funding for unexpected car repair, medications, not covered by insurance, unexpected expense for their children, etc.

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