Multi-lingual Course "Introduction to Reasoning" Released for BISCUE App/e-Learning

"BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning," a business skills application and e-Learning program from Shubiki Corporation, has released a new multi-lingual learning course entitled "Introduction to Reasoning," for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Tokyo, Japan, August 27, 2015 --( Shubiki Corporation, Japan's leading business content provider, has released a new course entitled "Introduction to Reasoning," for its multi-lingual business skills application and e-learning programs, "BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning" in seven languages.

Thinking and speaking logically is one of the most fundamental skills required for all businesspeople.

When doing global businesses between people with different culture and types of languages, properly communicating with a correct logical development will be even more necessary.

This course is designed for every businessperson to easily master how to think and speak logically by providing the basics of reasoning and tips for reaching a reasonable conclusion.

The content is available in the "BISCUE App" via an in-app purchase and also through the flat-rate libraries of e-learning "BISCUE LS" on smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Course Contents

* 7 courses:
- Title: Introduction to Reasoning
- Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese

* Table of Contents
1. Basics of Reasoning
2. Deductive Reasoning
3. Inductive Reasoning
4. Reasoning in Your Routine

* Structure:
- Multiple-choice tests and results
- Explanation
- Additional explanation
- Summary of the chapter

* Remarks
- Audio narration for each language included.

System Requirements and Specifications
- Application name: BISCUE (Product name BISCUE App)
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.1 or higher.
- Compatible with Android. Requires Android 2.3 or higher.
- Compatible with other platforms in the future.
- Product pricing is indicated in each store.
- For "BISCUE App," courses are available in the form of an in-app purchase.
(BISCUE e-Learning)
- Compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets.
- Prices will be quoted separately.
- Courses are available in the flat-rate libraries of e-learning "BISCUE LS."

For further details, please refer to:
(BISCUE e-Learning)

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